Character generation

The Basics

  • Start as fifth level characters, meaning you could take on a single street thug by your lonesome and reasonably hope to win.
  • Use point buy with 27 points, via the PHB.
  • Core and Elemental Evil Player’s Guide are explicitly allowed. All other sources are allowed on a case-by-case basis, but I’ll probably say yes; I’ve just only read those (fully) so far.
  • Per DMG recommendations, start with one uncommon magic item in the DMG, and 750 gold worth of mundane equipment and “walking around money.” See below for “background perks.”


  • Feats, magic items, multiclassing, and variant/special PHB races are all allowed, with some modification and clarification. See Rulings and house rules and Homebrew for more information.
  • All characters start with one additional ASI granted at first level.
  • Your character has had the time and resources to train and acquire two additional proficiencies in language or tools beyond those granted by class, backgrounds and the like. If you don’t feel that these new proficiencies represent your character, you could instead start with 500GP of extra coin.
  • Background benefits grant the character additional benefits which are tied to the city. A character with the Urchin background might be a high ranking member of a thieves’ guild. Nobles and Acolytes may own property that generates income. A merchant or guild member might access the profits of a bustling business. Talk to me for more details.
  • All player characters gain the Blessing of Secrecy for their devotion to the Dark Prince. All deception checks made to conceal your true worship have advantage and cannot be pierced by magical means. Divinations to determine your worship provide murky answers at best. However, this benefit comes with a command: You are barred from ever discussing your true worship outside of The Circle (that is, the party) or a sanctioned high priest of Asmodeus. You’re not here to proselytize, and no one else is to be trusted.

The Rival

In addition to your own character, I expect you to create at least one character or organization that intends to act against your character in particular. This could be a “friendly” rivalry between two nobles, or a blood oath to cleanse the world of the stain of your character. Give them notable distinguishing characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses as you would your own character.

Character generation

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