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Histories of the Second Age

The Fall of the Second Acamen Empire
The Rise of the Sun God
The Shining Gate of Civilization
The Hunt for the Artifacts

Races and Nations

  • Civilization
    • “Standard” humanoids, i.e. PHB races and some of the homebrew races, who consider themselves the last bastion against barbarism and bringer of the light of the church of Pelor. Once united under the banner of the Second Acamen Empire, now scattered and fractious, only uniting to fight a common foe. Their combined holdings are most of the territory that will be owned one day by the dragons Raskque, Teythandraskahar, and Stormdrinker.
    • The Sunlands
    • Feudal Holdings
    • Dwarves
    • The coming Elven storm
  • The Great Goat Tribes
    • Various Tribes are united under one of two leaders. It is said that when all the goat men unite under one banner, they will be a force felt across the earth.
    • Elf Eater
    • Moondancer


Acamen Worship
Fiend Worship

Setting information

To Seize the Throne of the Righteous Sun henkearuw